What Do Church Signs Say These Days?

Recently, as I was out driving around Louisville, I noticed several church signs and decided to take pictures. Amazingly, every church sign that I photographed had the same design, but they all had different messages. There are seven First Baptist Churches in Louisville, as you will see below:

First Reformed Baptist Church had this message:

First Emerging Baptist Church gave this important exhortation:

First Liberal Baptist Church had this message for passing drivers:

First Fundamentalist Baptist Church gave me a preview of this Sunday:

First Baptist Mega-Church had a very practical announcement:

You may not be aware of this, but Eugene Peterson has started pastoring again, in Louisville of all places. In addition, he converted from the Presbyterian church to the Baptist church. He now pastors First Baptist Church of Louisville (yeah, just the regular name), and this is what his church’s sign said:

First Baptist Church of the Social Gospel provided this helpful announcement:


3 Responses to “What Do Church Signs Say These Days?”

  1. Myles Says:

    again, i appreciate the equal-opportunity jabs, but i think your take on the liberal and social gospel churches is a little unfair. whereas reformed theology makes no bones about the free choice of God, to say that liberal churches are consumed with the old Protestant liberal model of God as beyond our comprehension, and so, found in Vishnu, is a little bogus. similarly, the social gospel as it is conceived today by those churches who embrace it, don’t protest for the sake of protesting, but for the sake of reunion and for witness. just some thoughts.

  2. The Table Guy Says:

    Very funny. I love it.

  3. Doug E. Says:

    That’s funny!

    Good stuff,


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