Prayer Request

Today Dr. Mohler sent an email to the seminary community informing us that Dr. Ronald Nash, a faculty member here until just recently, is now at the point of death. In the fall of 2003, I took Dr. Nash’s Introduction to Philosophy course. He is a brilliant teacher, and I believe I have a fairly solid grasp of the “big picture” of Western philosophy thanks to him. He authored numerous books including The Word of God and the Mind of Man; Faith and Reason; Is Jesus the Only Savior? (in which he answers, “Yes!”); and Life’s Ultimate Questions, which I just cited a couple of days ago in my conversation with Josh. I consider him to be a towering figure in recent Christian philosophy.

I remember well his great love for Augustine, his gift for presenting complex ideas in a simple way, and his dry and witty sense of humor. He suffered a stroke about a year ago, which forced him to stop teaching (I assume his present illness is probably related to that). I consider it a privilege that I was able to sit under his teaching during what I now know to be the last year of his career. Please pray for Dr. Nash and his family. I am confident that he will shortly be welcomed into his eternal inheritance with Christ.

You can take free online classes (with no obligation!) from Dr. Nash and a host of other excellent scholars at .


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