Ronald Nash, 1936-2006

Dr. Ronald Nash died on Friday morning. Dr. Russell Moore writes about him here. I remember the hip-swaying that Dr. Moore describes.

Among many other things, Dr. Nash faithfully defended the Christian faith, stood for the inerrancy and authority of Scripture as the Word of God, and made numerous contributions to a Christian understanding of economics and the state. I hope many faithful servants of God continue his work.


3 Responses to “Ronald Nash, 1936-2006”

  1. Aaron Says:

    I didn’t want to say this on the main post, but before comments start building up about it, let me say it here.

    DISCLAIMER: Dr. Moore makes a sweeping statement about the emerging church in his article that does seem a little unfair. I believe he is right about some of the most prominent leaders of the movement, but because the movement is such a slippery concept in the first place, I wouldn’t have made such a sweeping claim. I have had an idea in mind for another post about the emerging church (specifically regarding our inability to say what it is) for several days now; perhaps I will get around to it eventually.

  2. Craig Says:

    As someone who has lost a close friend recently I grieve with the family and close friends of Dr. Nash on his death. I can assure you the things they are feeling and thinking and dealing with right now has nothing to do with his battles for inerrancy and against liberals and emergants and “snakes,” but rather with the little things they miss about him– his smile, laugh, and every other quirky movement.

    The link you gave, while not a eulogy per se, had a lot of the rhetorical overtones of a Paul Wellstone or Coretta Scott King funeral– I.E., taking advangtage of the unstated “grace period” or “cease fire” in the wars fought by the deceased, in order to further an agenda.

  3. Aaron Says:

    That analogy crossed my mind too, Craig, but I don’t think the two are quite the same. I see a very big difference between promoting a merely political agenda and promoting a theological agenda. On top of that, promoting a liberal political agenda (as per the Wellstone funeral) is just plain stupid.

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