More on the Gospel of Judas

Michael Spencer has an interesting post about the Gospel of Judas and related stories. His thoughts obviously resonate with my own on this subject. I think the illustration he uses successfully communicates the unjustified hysteria that news agencies have given to this recent discovery, so much so that I will quote it in full. Imagine seeing this report on television:

Dateline: Arlington Virginia.
Scientists and historians announced today the discovery of a Biography of George Washington, purportedly written by Washington’s mistress, Mrs. Wallace Vanderweaver. The text was discovered in the Library of Washington and Lee University, where researchers were going through recent scholarly articles about Washington.
The text, written in 1970, almost two hundred years from the time of Washington, tells us the story of Washington from the notes of a long-time mistress, Lavenia Vanderweaver, known to be a local widow and friend of the Washingtons. Washington died in 1799, and the Vanderweaver Biography claims to be based on notes made during Washington’s lifetime and passed down through Mrs. Vanderweaver’s relatives.
Scholars anticipate this discovery will completely turn Washington studies upside down, as the text supposedly shows Washington to be a collaborator with the British, and in the employ of agents in the British government. The idea that Washington deceived his wife and his country for his entire life is a controversial one, but scholars who accept the Vanderweaver document believe the unusual nature of this text suggests it has been suppressed and is likely quite authentic.

This paragraph also provides an apt commentary that summarizes his (and my) thoughts on the whole subject:

We’ve reached a point with DaVinci madness where nothing is too comic for the mainstream media to report with a straight face. Ideas about New Testament studies that wouldn’t appear on a freshman pop quiz are now tossed about the main stream media as if they are established facts. The palpable need for a “breakthrough” discovery that rattles our image of Jesus, destroys the Roman Catholic Church and upends the Bible is getting obnoxious.


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