To Borrow a Title from Myles: "It’s Over!" (said in Strongbad’s voice at the end of "Teen Girl Squad" issues)

This morning I took a test for the class “Theology of the New Testament”. It was the final requirement for my Master of Divinity degree. I have fought the good fight and finished the race. It was almost three-and-a-half years ago that I walked into my first class here at Southern Seminary. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long, and yet it does feel like I have just made it to the peak of a very high mountain. Graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 19th. I am going to take the next few weeks to enjoy this before preparing myself for the next mountain ahead: the Ph.D.

Joni also successfully completed the program for seminary wives. She will be recognized tomorrow (May 12th) along with her fellow Seminary Wives Institute graduates and the graduates of Boyce College (which is located here on the campus of Southern Seminary). I am so proud of her, especially in light of the fact that she persevered to the end even after giving birth to Benjamin. Speaking of Benjamin, I know he must be excited that his daddy has much more free time now to play with him.

God has carried us through this chapter of our lives that is now closing as the next one opens. In a few weeks we will be moving to the parsonage next to our church, which is about 50 miles outside of Louisville in Milton, Kentucky. I am excited about the new possibilities for ministry that will come as a result of living with our people, in their community. I am also a little anxious about the changes that are coming; let’s face it: big changes in life are stressful, and we have certainly had our share of them lately, with more to come. But God brings us through them all for his purposes and his glory, and I only want to be found faithful to his call.

But for now, it is time to relax, to enjoy, to celebrate!


16 Responses to “To Borrow a Title from Myles: "It’s Over!" (said in Strongbad’s voice at the end of "Teen Girl Squad" issues)”

  1. Adam Phelan Says:

    Congrats man. I’m crossing McAfee’s graduation stage on Saturday, May 20th. It’s a great feeling.

  2. chrischaeffer Says:

    That’s awesome Aaron.

    One question: Who is Myles and what does he have to do with HomestarRunner?

  3. Aaron Says:

    Thanks, Adam and Chris.

    Myles is my internet friend whom I have never met in person. He is a Ph.D. student at Baylor University, and he recently posted about finishing up his first year in the program, the title of which is “It’s Over!” You can find a link to his blog under my links. He’s a great writer.

    Chris, did you ever get my email that I sent a few weeks ago?

  4. Aaron Says:

    Oh, and congratulations to you, Adam!

  5. Doctor Clockwork Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Big stuff. I’m excited for what’s ahead for both of you.

  6. chrischaeffer Says:

    nope, never got an email.

  7. Aaron Says:

    Well, I sent one to that email address that you provided.

    Email me. Blake knows my email address; get it from him. I don’t want to post it on here.

  8. Luke Smith Says:

    Congratulations. The MDiv is a long road. It sounds like you have still more gas in the tank. Blessings on your Ph.D. work.

    Luke Smith

  9. Dee Says:

    Congrats, Aaron. Now on to the “terminal” degree (the PhD).

  10. Ali Says:

    Yeah, add my congratulations to that Aaron! Well done and forge on.

  11. chrischaeffer Says:

    my email is:

    chris at chrischaeffer dot com

    that should be safe enough from spam


    BTW – When I posted my gmail email name, I now receive 20 spam emails a day! Freckin’ spammers.

  12. chrischaeffer Says:

    click me for chris’s email.


  13. Adam Phelan Says:


    Any reccomendations on a good introductory bio of Calvin? I’d prefer it be in the 300-500 page range (as I’m only reading it out of my own curiosity) and neither too pro-Calvin or anti-Calvin. I’m looking less for a discussion on his theology than some insight into the man himself.

  14. Aaron Says:


    Alister McGrath has written one entitled _A Life of John Calvin: A Study in Shaping of Western Culture_. Just about anything McGrath writes is good.

    Also, Calvin’s student Theodore Beza wrote a little biography that you could probably find in a good theological library. Of course, Beza wrote as one who was very pro-Calvin, but don’t forget that he has an extraordinary advantage over all modern Calvin biographers: he actually knew John Calvin, so there is probably something in his perspective that you can’t find anywhere else.

  15. Luke Smith Says:

    I would add to Aaron’s suggestion Calvin in Context by David Steinmetz. He introduces Calvin by comparing his interpretation of select passages with his contemporaries. He is a lucid writer, and the book is only two hundred pages or so.


    Luke Smith

  16. Myles Says:

    i’ll second the steinmetz book.

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