Things are Changing

As Doc Holliday says to Kate in the movie Tombstone, “It appears we must redefine the nature of our assocation.” Tomorrow life brings us another big change.

We are moving.

It’s not the kind of dramatic change that a move to the Chicago area would have been. (If you are wondering what I mean by that, see this and this). We are only moving about 50 miles away, to the parsonage that sits only a few feet away from Corn Creek Baptist Church in Milton, Kentucky. And yet, it is something very different.

I have never lived in the country before. I have lived in neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Atlanta (Texas, not Georgia), and on the campuses of East Texas Baptist University and Southern Seminary. Louisville has to be one of the greatest cities on the planet for residential living. I am going to miss it.

But the call of God takes us elsewhere. I am excited about the opportunity to live with our people in their community. I pray that it would lead to more effective ministry, by God’s grace. I pray that it would make us love them more. I pray that it would give me a greater connection with them in the pulpit and on the porch. I am also excited about the opportunity God has given us to allow my wife to dedicate herself to full-time motherhood even while I maintain status as a full-time student. The free housing offered to us by the church has made that possible. I am excited about the green fields, the ponds, the wild turkeys, the sunsets, and the big night sky that “resembles a back-lit canopy with holes punched in it” (Incubus). It has been years since I have been able to see the stars on a nightly basis. May this be the beginning of new wonders, new joys, new milestones in our journey to the Celestial City.

I know I haven’t been blogging as much since my son was born. I’m afraid this move will make my blogging even less frequent. We don’t have any plans to set up internet access out there, but we may look into it somewhere down the road. For now, I plan to update the blog as much as I reasonably can by visiting the local library or by using the seminary’s computer lab when I come back to campus. I only ask that you check in every once in a while; I’ll still be here. Actually, I think this will be good for me. I know I have wasted my share of time on this thing.

Thanks for reading. If you will, say a prayer for us today.


3 Responses to “Things are Changing”

  1. Jeanne Damoff Says:

    Exciting times! I’m praying with you, Aaron. Go under the mercy.

  2. Doctor Clockwork Says:

    Awesome, I’m excited for you and pray that God will guide you on to a deeper ministry with the people you pastor.

  3. Craig Says:

    I’m very envious of your situation.

    You know what’s kind of funny? Out of everyone in my blog community, you and Luke are probably the most different when it comes to theology and philosophy of life, but when you move, you and him will have the most commonalities in your daily lives. I’m sure he’s got some cattle rearing advice he’d love to pass on to you.

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