Greetings from Little Rock (that’s in Arkansas, by the way)

We have spent one week in our new home in Milton, Kentucky. So far, I love it. Living out in the country is good for my soul. Being able to walk a few feet to a quiet office for study and prayer (with no distractions, including the internet) is a blessing I have never had before. I have the opportunity to “get away” for that purpose without ever being far from Joni and Benjamin. It has already made a difference in my life, in just one short week.

Seminary has been great in so many ways, but one thing that is not so great about it is the total lack of consistency in trying to develop a daily schedule. Classes meet usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, often at odd times with gaps between them, and they change every semester. On top of that, they often leave me staying up late studying, which in turn impacts the way I get up the next day. Of course, the Ph.D. program will be much the same, except for the fact that I will (at least this first semester) have classes only two days a week. I am hoping that on the remaining days I can develop a consistent schedule for working during the daylight hours so that I can give my evenings completely over to family.

I think God knew that I would need this at this particular time in my life, and that is one reason he led us to stay at Southern. He knew I would need the regular discipline of a consistent schedule, combined with the quiet solitude of the country and an office within walking distance. It’s amazing how such a simple thing could make such an impact on my life. I believe that, because we chose to stay at Southern, I will ultimately know God better than I would have otherwise. And that is the most important thing of all.

Anyway, we’re in Little Rock now, staying with my sister-in-law. We’re on our way to Texas for a couple of weeks of vacation. We plan to introduce Benjamin to his great-grandparents, whom he has never met, and his two uncles that he has never met. We left 75-80 degree temperatures for what I hear will be upper 90’s or even 100’s. Oooh, yuck.

Hope to update again in a few days.


6 Responses to “Greetings from Little Rock (that’s in Arkansas, by the way)”

  1. Adam Phelan Says:


    I’d really like to hear your perspective on the election of Frank Page as SBC president this week.


  2. Doctor Clockwork Says:

    Wow, sounds great! Sounds like a refreshing birthing of all sorts of good and exciting things lately. The country living mixed with some opportunities to regularly get into Louisville sounds like a great mix.

  3. Aaron Says:


    I can answer your request very briefly:

    (1) I know virtually nothing about Frank Page. I heard that he published an anti-Calvinism book some years back, and that obviously disappoints me. On the other hand, everyone who talks about him (including Reformed folks) say he is a godly man who will be a fine president. The personal soteriological views of the SBC president will have no effect on the recent resurgence of Calvinism in the SBC, in my opinion.

    (2) I am glad that he was elected by something of a grassroots movement. Ronnie Floyd had the endorsements of all of the big names who usually see their man elected. Page’s election shows that the convention is not run by an oligarchy.

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