For the second time now in almost a year, someone close to someone that I have been close to has suddenly died in a tragic, almost unbelievable manner. Late last year, Pastor Kyle Lake died tragically in an accident at his church in Waco. He was a good friend of my friend Craig, but I had never met him myself.

A little over a week ago, Casey Crowder of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, went missing after she ran out of gas on a highway on her way home. Her body was found Saturday afternoon. She was the sister of my friend Clint Crowder, one of the closest friends I have ever had. So far as I have read, the police have not made the public aware of any promising leads in the case. Someone out there knows something, and the link above has phone numbers and email addresses if anyone has any information to provide to the authorities.

Again, I have been spared considerable pain because of circumstances. I never actually met Casey either, even though her brother and I were inseparable at times growing up. She belonged to his dad’s side of the family, the side of his family that lived in Pine Bluff and that I never got to know.

But it hurts me to think about what my friend must be enduring right now, just as it hurt me to think of what Craig endured last year. Please pray for Clint and his family. And hug those you love today.


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