On My 26th Birthday, An Open Letter

Dear Age 25,

It’s time to say goodbye. You have been the best of friends to me. We have shared many amazing moments together:

You were there at my graduation from seminary. It felt so good to walk across that stage, take my diploma, and shake Dr. Mohler’s hand at the culmination of three-and-a-half years of graduate school. I will never forget that moment.

But even more significant, graduation day was also my 5th wedding anniversary. I hated it that all of the pomp and circumstance tended to focus more attention on me than on my precious wife, but both she and I know what the real celebration was for this past May 19th. And you were there to celebrate with us.

You were there every time I opened a letter from a school to which I had applied for doctoral studies. Three of them were acceptance letters, each one prompting us to imagine (in the moment and over the next few days) a different and exciting future. One was a rejection letter, but not a real disappointment. You were there that night when clarity finally settled in, and I knew which school to choose. You were also kind enough to accompany me throughout most of my first semester in the Ph.D. program here at Southern.

But above all, you were there when my son was born. You were there when I held him for the first time. You were there with us in the hospital during those first couple of nights. You were there through all of the nocturnal adjustments of the first six weeks. You were there with me until three days short of Benjamin’s eighth month–through all the memories and feedings and diapers and goofy playtimes and naps and pictures and family visits and trips to parks and stroller walks and hugs and kisses and every incredibly wonderful moment.

It’s time to move on now, but thanks for the memories.


P.S.–Do you think 26 has any chance at all, with this act to follow?


One Response to “On My 26th Birthday, An Open Letter”

  1. Ali Says:

    Yes, goodbye Aaron’s 25th year…well, 26th if you think about it.

    I think it’s about time you had a rest until your next birthday, Aaron.

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