Going to Texas

It will probably be over a week before I check back in here. We’re leaving in the morning for Texas, where my brother will be getting married on Saturday (Houston, specifically, though we will spend most of our time in Atlanta).

Before I left, I wanted to offer a few more clarifications about the Bible reading plan outlined in my previous entry. I am glad Blake and Craig have decided to join me in following the plan, and I hope that there are others too. In his post about this plan to read every book of the Bible over and over until you have read it twenty times, Joe Carter encouraged his readers to start with short books and work their way up to the long ones. Shorter books can be read in one sitting, often multiple times. I started by reading Jude 5 times a day. I had finished it in 4 days. James is taking a bit longer, since I only read it 1 or 2 times a day, but I am still making good progress. Long books like Isaiah may take multiple days just to read it once. But the key to this is perseverance, even when you don’t feel like reading the same book anymore. God will open up new insights. There are treasures to be found in his Word, but sometimes we must dig for them. Pray and ask God to open your eyes to his truth every time you sit down to read.

And then here is a tip from my own experience: treat Psalms and Proverbs a little differently (at least that’s what I prefer to do). If I read more than five Psalms in one sitting, I get overloaded. Each individual Psalm is an independent unit of communication. Of course, they all connect to each other in some ways, but I find that reading more than five at a time tends to decrease my ability to digest what I am reading. A similar principle holds true for the book of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs is a collection of pithy sayings that require time to think through and digest as you read them. I find that one chapter at a time is a sufficient amount to try to digest. For these reasons, I have taken a different strategy with Psalms and Proverbs. My goal is to read five Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs a day (this is in addition to the other reading I am doing, focusing on one book at a time to read through twenty times). At this pace, I will complete both books every month (There are 150 Psalms; Proverbs has 31 chapters). I hope to keep up this practice indefinitely. After twenty months, I will have read both of these books twenty times. If you want to get started with this daily practice, a good day to start would be December 1st. If you miss a day, you can decide whether you want to try to make up the lost ground or just skip ahead in order to stay on schedule. Either way, you’ll still be reading Scripture, and that’s what is important.

Read prayerfully. Read faithfully and obediently. Read to know God. And may God bless your faithfulness.


One Response to “Going to Texas”

  1. Cogito Says:

    Merry Christmas Aaron (belated). I read Lauralee’s note to Santa in the Journal, so I hear the family is visiting you in Kentucky! I hope that you all have an enjoyable holiday and that they have a safe trip home. Say hello to everyone for me.

    Don’t forget to keep posting on here! Otherwise you might end up on the brink of MY dead list…=)

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