Reflections on Being a Dad

Every night, when we put Benjamin to bed, we go through the same routine. We read a couple of books and then say the Lord’s Prayer. After this, I turn off the light, kiss him goodnight, and leave the room while Joni rocks him for a few minutes. After this, she puts him in his bed.

That is our routine. Benjamin also has his as well. After delightfully absorbing the books and closely scrutinizing me while I pray (he doesn’t know what’s going on yet), he settles down into Joni’s arms and becomes still. After she lays him down and leaves, on most nights he will start to cry. We give him a few minutes before I go in, pick him up, and rock him again. Rarely does he ever cry again after that.

For some reason, whenever I go in to pick him up, he immediately lies down on my shoulder. He doesn’t squirm or fight or look around anymore. He’s pretty much done for the night. I rock him for a few minutes, and by then I know that he is in peaceful sleep.

I have come to cherish these moments of rocking Benjamin at night. I know that a day is coming when he will be both too big and too old to be held that way anymore. But for those few minutes, almost every night, I have an opportunity to sit down with my son in my arms and just be. No pressures, no time constraints, no frantic activity, no worries. He doesn’t realize it, but I enjoy him at that time as much as I do when he is awake.

If you are not a parent, I don’t mean to suggest that you are missing out…

…but you are.


2 Responses to “Reflections on Being a Dad”

  1. chriSchaeffer Says:

    …am not!! You are!

  2. Jeanne Damoff Says:

    This is very sweet, Aaron. I’m glad you’re treasuring this brief season with your son. And I agree with your opinions on parenthood. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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