Must Read

Dr. Albert Mohler, my seminary’s president, is a controversial figure, and has been ever since he became president of Southern Seminary.  His voice is heard all over the nation on the radio, through speaking engagements, and through numerous writings and television appearances.  Whenever Larry King wants a conservative Christian opinion on some cultural issue, he usually calls Dr. Mohler.

Many people (especially those on the other side of the SBC divide that started in 1979) think of Dr. Mohler as an extremist, a Falwellian Kool-Aid drinker.  Typically, those criticisms are to be expected from former Southern Baptists.  But now an anonymous voice within the SBC (on the conservative side) has publicly slandered him.  Hershael York has written a great response.  It has a very personal dimension to it, and I feel like I know Dr. Mohler a little better now that I have read it.

[HT: Justin Taylor]


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