My Week Off

To this point, my semester has been extremely busy.  I have been playing catch-up at my new job while trying to finish out a long reading list, preparing for comprehensive exams, and pastoring a church.  I have also been trying to publish some articles recently, and that in itself requires an investment of time that is more than I usually want to give. 

And then Sunday the edge of the remnant of Hurricane Ike hit us, producing the strongest sustained winds I have ever seen.  Half of Louisville was without power (thankfully, I am part of the other half).  Schools have closed for the whole week.  Businesses that you can count on to be open at virtually any hour that you might want to visit them (McDonald’s, Kroger, etc.) were closed for days, some of them still not open yet.  The two schools that dominate my life–Dorothy Sayers Classical School and Southern Seminary–canceled all classes for the whole week.  Basically, that means I got a week off. 

A week off for a graduate student is not so much a vacation as it is a flotation device for a drowning person.  Normally, when I get unexpected time off, it gives me the opportunity to pour myself into my work and get caught up.  That, in turn, lifts an enormous burden off my shoulders, for every year when September and October roll around (corresponding to February and March in the spring semester), I feel like I am struggling to survive all the demands that have been placed upon me.  This week would have been a great time to get rid of that burden, but it has not happened.

My two-year-old son had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday.  I spent the whole day and night at the hospital with him.  Everything went well.  We brought him home Wednesday morning, and I was exhausted (hospitals are one of the worst places in the world to try to get any sleep).  Today I have spent several hours taking care of Benjamin while my wife has been away at an important pro-life event.  I haven’t accomplished much this week, at least not in the sense of producing anything with measurable results.  Plus, I just found out yesterday that an article I submitted for publication has been rejected.  It was disappointing, because I really thought this one would make it. 

But I have done the following: shared ice cream with a two-year-old, sung “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider” numerous times, said “I love you” and then heard (for the first time from his little mouth!) “I love you too,” read a book about an owl who said “Boo” instead of “Whoo” and another about Corduroy the teddy bear, played with puzzles, watched “Dora the Explorer,” poured juice into cups, and said prayers. 

All in all, not a bad week.


One Response to “My Week Off”

  1. reformedninja Says:

    It’s refreshing to see that the things that matter most in life are most important to you.

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