A Few Political Observations

(Okay, I realize that my blogging pace has not slowed, in spite of my stated intention to slow it; maybe after the election I will be able to follow through with that goal).

(1) It seems that few voters care about the nature of Barack Obama’s associations with Bill Ayers and other anti-American figures.  I think that is extremely unfortunate.  I’m not accusing Obama of anything here.  What I am saying is that no matter what the DOW is doing or what kind of “kitchen table” issues we as voters are focusing on, we had better darn well care whether the person asking for our votes has close ties to an unrepentant terrorist or not.  It is okay to say that the charge is unfounded.  It is not okay to say that the charge is insignificant.  When fear sets in, nations have been known to flock to charismatic figures who were not worthy of their trust.  It simply will not do to dismiss the question about Obama’s past associations, because they speak directly to the issue of his trustworthiness as a leader.  Whatever the truth is about this question, we should seek it passionately, not dismiss it because the DOW plunged last week and we’re so wrapped up in our checkbooks that any fresh face and stimulating voice will do.

(2) Two Republican candidates that I support have been running ads on television here in Louisville, and I have to say that my confidence in the Republican party has been shaken as I have watched them.  Both Senator Mitch McConnell and former Representative Anne Northup have been campaigning on principles that are antithetical to conservative values.  Both have cited their records of bringing pork spending to Louisville.  And now McConnell is going after his opponent, Bruce Lunsford, because Lunsford made his money “the Wall Street way.”  Since when did Republicans start playing the class envy card?  We are supposed to be a party that limits government spending, the cuts out pork barrel spending, and that refuses to punish the wealthy for their success.  Do Mitch McConell and Anne Northup believe that conservatism is not a winning political philosophy? 

(3) How much different would the situation be in this election if the mainstream media truly were unbiased in their reporting?  Let’s suppose, hypothetically, that all the media outlets that claim to be fair and objective actually were.  That means ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, and a host of other publications actually gave fair coverage to both candidates.  And on the other side, let’s say Fox News truly was fair and balanced, as it claims to be (excluding commentators who make no secret about their own perspectives).  I think this would be a totally different race.  McCain would be up by double digits; I have little doubt about that.  It is amazing how much power our biased news sources have to shape thought and perception in this country.  It is a testimony to our intellectual laziness.


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