An Obama Presidency = More Abortions, No Question

Justin Taylor has written a helpful piece explaining Obama’s commitment to the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA).  Obama’s support for it is so strong that he told Planned Parenthood that the first thing he would do as President would be to sign it into law.  FOCA is basically a federal law that imposes on all states a uniform policy on abortion that goes beyond even Roe v. Wade.  It would sweep away all existing laws on the books in all fifty states that impose any kind restrictions on the practice of abortion.

As Taylor points out, in the state of Maryland a measure similar to FOCA has been in place since 1991.  Now, guess what has happened in Maryland since 1991: abortions have gone up, in spite of the fact that they have decreased nationally.  This is what an Obama presidency will do for the whole nation.  Current restrictions that cohere with Roe v. Wade will be lifted, and the number of unborn children killed in the womb will, without question, go up. 

This is why I don’t buy Obama’s empty rhetoric about this issue.  Last night in the debate he made the most vacuous statement imaginable: “This is a profoundly moral issue.”  Okay…what do you mean by that?  Do you mean there is a clear moral line to be drawn between what is right and what is wrong?  Do you mean that there is a transcendent standard above us that places on us a moral responsibility to act in one way rather than another?  That’s normally what I mean when I call something “moral.”  It appears that what Obama means is that this is a deeply personal issue that every woman should decide for herself.  But then what has he done with the word “moral”?  He has made it meaningless. 

If I said, “Child molestation is a profoundly moral issue,” I definitely would NOT mean by that that child molestation is deeply personal and every person should decide on his own whether he or she wants to practice it.  All I see from Barack Obama on the question of abortion is profound moral confusion, combined with a rabid commitment to leftist public policies.  On the one hand, the question is “above his pay grade,” as he told Rick Warren.  On the other hand, so far as public policy is concerned, he digs in his heels and will not budge one inch from his commitment to allowing a doctor to crush a baby’s skull.  And one day, he will answer to God for this bloodshed.  I hope, for his sake, for America’s sake, and for the sake of millions more defenseless children yet to be conceived, that an Obama presidency never becomes reality.


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