Get Out the Vote?

Howard Stern’s radio show is despicable.  I don’t listen to it or endorse it in any way.  However, even those on the fringe of society sometimes make very good points.  Stern recently did so by going into Harlem and conducting a little political experiment:

Now this is why I am not a fan of voter registration drives.  My thinking is that if you are not responsible enough to take the initiative to register yourself to vote, then you are probably not responsible enough to get informed on what candidates actually stand for, and you will end up voting for the way a candidate looks or the letter beside his name (and even then you will have no idea why you prefer one letter over the other, except for the fact that everyone else in your community prefers it for unknown reasons as well).  I have no problem with low voter turnout.  People who don’t have a clue about the issues involved in a campaign do our country no favor when they turn out in droves to pool their collective ignorance in an election.

By the way, this also applies to voter registration drives at churches.  I tell my congregation not that they have a responsibility as Christian citizens to vote.  I tell them that they have a responsibility as Christian citizens to cast an informed vote; if they are not going to get informed, then they have shirked responsibility and would be better off not voting.  As with all structures, systems, and institutions, democracy is only as good as the people who make it work.


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