Media Bias: It’s More about What They Don’t Say

Back in 2004, when there was a hint of a (false) suggestion that President Bush’s service in the National Guard had been less than honorable, the media had a field day with it (one that ended Dan Rather’s career).  They were zealous to investigate a story that had important implications for a presidential candidate.  It didn’t matter that the story wasn’t true.  All that mattered was that it was out there, and for that reason it deserved a great deal of attention.

Apparently, their zeal only goes in one direction.  I haven’t heard a word from them about this.

UPDATE: The judge punted and threw out the lawsuit without considering its merits because he deemed the plaintiff to have no standing.  It will be appealed to the Supreme Court, setting us up for the possibility that Obama could be elected next week and then sometime later deemed constitutionally unqualified to serve as President.  So, let’s recap on the reasons not to vote for Obama:

(1) His election will precipitate a national crisis as foreign powers test him (Joe Biden guaranteed this!).

(2) His experience is negligible; he has not even finished a complete term in the Senate, and for most of his partial term he has been campaigning for President, which he himself had previously sworn off ever doing (for precisely that reason) in 2004.

(3) His views on abortion are at the far-left extreme.

(4) He regrets that the Constitution does not make provision for the redistribution of wealth, but he will seek to enact such policies legislatively (against the Constitution).  Is he a socialist?  Probably not.  But his commitment to at least a semi-Marxist idealogy trumps his commitment to the Constitution.  How can a man swear to defend the Constitution if he holds to an idealogy that negates it, at least in some respects?

(5) He wants to meet personally with leaders of rogue nations without preconditions.

(6) He will raise taxes during an economic recession, further compounding the problem.

(7) He has not proposed how he will pay for his massive spending proposals.

(8) His background is littered with shady connections: Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, ACORN, etc.

(9) An Obama presidency, combined with an almost certain Democratic Congress (perhaps even filibuster proof) would result in two years of pure, unadulterated liberalism, and we could expect to see an expansion of government like we have not seen since the 1930’s.   

(10) If elected, an Obama presidency might precipitate a constitutional crisis if the Supreme Court rules that he is constitutionally unqualified to serve as President.

It is hard to imagine a more solid case against a presidential candidate.


One Response to “Media Bias: It’s More about What They Don’t Say”

  1. Thom Says:

    Many of those points are total bogus. Inexperience first of all, cannot and should not disqualify someone from being ELECTED by the people of the United States. I dont have time to do my research on this one, but I would hope that the Constitution does not set up these barracades for men and women to become President based on some arbitrary rule of experience. Secondly, his views on abortion are only on the extreme left of a religious zealot. Thirdly, being a socialist cannot and should not disqualify someone from running for, and being elected, President of the United States. If that is written into your Constitution, take a long hard look that the type of exclusive, hateful precendt that sets for not only the present, but the future.

    The Constitution wasnt written to keep Democrats out of power, the sooner the American-right realizes that, the better.

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