A Post-Election Prayer

Holy Father,

Thank you for the blessing of democracy.  How few throughout history have known the privilege of casting a ballot and of seeing, with every election cycle, a peaceful transition of power.  We are a blessed nation.

Thank you for the blessing of a fair election.  Indications of fraud and abuse have been minimal. 

Thank you for the historic nature of this occasion, the first election of an African American to the Presidency.  Grant that this event may further racial healing and reconciliation for all Americans.

Thank you for the freedom to speak my mind about deep disagreements that I have with our new President without fear of retribution.  Grant your people wisdom to speak humbly, yet prophetically, to a future President whose moral vision differs significantly from ours.   

Bless President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden with wisdom and protection to lead us over the next four years through the great challenges we face.  May they promote justice and righteousness for the oppressed.  May they protect us from foreign and domestic threats.  May they support laws and policies that honor your name.  And may they be thwarted in every attempt to expand pro-choice policies that stand against the lives of the unborn.  Protect our children, O God. 

In the name of our eternal King, the Lord Jesus Christ, whose authority is unrivaled, whose Kingdom shall have no end, Amen.


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