By state law, schools in California are now prohibited from holding bake sales.  The state believes that sugar is too dangerous for kids to have. 

In California a pregnant girl can walk into an abortion clinic and have surgery without her parents ever knowing, but the government puts its foot down on kids eating cupcakes at school.  We are living in a brave new world.


6 Responses to “Unbelievable”

  1. Luke A. Says:


    You realize this kind of stuff isn’t just in Cali, right? In the Texas Legislature there was a a lengthy debate about whether “sprinkles” on cupcakes constituted candy (which is forbidden).

    My wife, a school teacher, is not allowed to give her children any food of “minimal nutrional value”, ie cake, cookies, etc. But ONLY in the morning?

    She got in trouble for telling a child that he forgot to get his milk in the lunchroom (she is in a “free choice” school).

    Ketchup is highly regulated due to it having a “minimal nutrional value”.

    A child in her school got busted for selling Skittles on the “black market”. They acted as if he was dealing drugs….

    This list goes on, but it’s utterly ridiculous!!

  2. fenderpooh Says:

    Wow. Is this kind of stuff being pushed through by liberal teachers’ unions or something?

  3. Existential Punk Says:


    i am pro-choice and an independent, but i agree with you on this. i believe girls under 18, unless emancipated from their parents, should have to have their parents notified before they try to get an abortion. i was pissed this prop passed.

    You are so right on with this: “In California a pregnant girl can walk into an abortion clinic and have surgery without her parents ever knowing, but the government puts its foot down on kids eating cupcakes at school.”

    Here is another unbelievable moment of lunacy:

    Fenderpooh, let’s not jump to conclusions and blame us liberals! That’s not productive AND conservatives have done some lame things too. We are all human and idiocy does not choose liberla or conservative only. That’s just polarizing and making life black and white when there are shades of grey. Life is not either/or but both/and. There’s good and bad to things in life. Labels are sometimes a necessary evil but not things i ground my identity in.

    Best Regards and have a great day!

    Existential Punk

  4. fenderpooh Says:

    Thanks for the input, Existential Punk, but I must respond by saying that such an act of flagrant nannystatism is completely antithetical to the core principles of conservatism as a political philosophy. By definition, this kind of an act by a government is liberal, not conservative, in nature. It represents a liberalization of the government’s power over society.

  5. Existential Punk Says:

    And what has Bush/Cheney been dong the past 8 years? And they are conservative republicans who have acted paternalistic and infringed on our rights.

  6. fenderpooh Says:

    Most conservatives would not say that Bush and Cheney are conservative, at least not on fiscal matters. Socially, yes.

    But then I think you are talking about national security issues. This one is tougher to peg, because the labels do not mean the same thing. One could be “liberal” in the sense of allowing the government too much power to ensure security, or one could be “liberal” in allowing criminals and terrorists too much freedom to achieve their goals. Conservatives favor taking the proper measures to keep us safe, but true conservatism upholds the Constitution as a check on the government’s power. Neither a true conservative nor a true liberal would consent to warrantless searches of a person’s property, for example, but listening in on terrorists’ phone calls to the United States from overseas is a different matter, in my opinion.

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