Is This What Feminism Is About?

As Albert Mohler points out, Michelle Obama has reignited the “Mommy Wars” by defining her role as a wife and mother.  Some feminists see this as “letting down the team.”  After all, Mrs. Obama is highly educated, experienced in the workforce, and will soon have a public platform that no other woman in America will have.  By voluntarily choosing to focus on her home and family, instead of practicing law or taking part in the formation of public policy, is Michelle Obama setting back all women? 

At least some feminists think so.  And this fact demonstrates that at least some forms of feminism are pushing an agenda that would effectively banish women from domesticity.  When voluntary homemakers are accused of “letting down the team,” it is evident that those who make that charge consider childrearing a second-class occupation.  Is this what feminism is all about?  Or will more moderate voices in the feminist movement speak out against those who insist that every woman share one narrow vision of womanhood, one that denigrates homemaking and, whether wittingly or not, devalues motherhood?


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