Let me get this straight:

Barack Obama attends Trinity United Church of Christ for twenty years, sitting under the preaching of the anti-American extremist Jeremiah Wright, forming a close friendship with Wright, counting him as Obama’s own spiritual advisor, and having him baptize Obama’s own children, and the leftists who supported him have no problem.

President-elect Obama chooses Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration, and at least some leftists believe this is appalling. 

Is Rick Warren more offensive to the left than a hate-monger who actively spreads the lie that the government invented the AIDS virus to kill black people?  It appears so.  What, then, is the lesson in this?

UPDATE: Carl Trueman weighs in on the issue.  Good as always!


One Response to “Really?”

  1. Marc Whitman Says:

    Ha! I hadn’t thought of the Inauguration Prayergate hysteria with Obama’s past associations in mind. Excellent point. Of course, it will fall on mostly deaf ears because logic is not a strong suit of the liberal mind.

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