On Israel and Hamas

Back in October I linked to journalist Michael Malone’s lament over media bias in the presidential election.  The article includes Malone’s personal testimony of a watershed moment in his life when he came to realize the true depth of media bias.  Little did I know back in October how quickly I would look back on his words in light of current events:

But what really shattered my faith [in the media] — and I know the day and place where it happened — was the war in Lebanon three summers ago. The hotel I was staying at in Windhoek, Namibia, only carried CNN, a network I’d already learned to approach with skepticism. But this was CNN International, which is even worse.

I sat there, first with my jaw hanging down, then actually shouting at the TV, as one field reporter after another reported the carnage of the Israeli attacks on Beirut, with almost no corresponding coverage of the Hezbollah missiles raining down on northern Israel. The reporting was so utterly and shamelessly biased that I sat there for hours watching, assuming that eventually CNNi would get around to telling the rest of the story … but it never happened.

Does this sound familiar?  When will the mainstream media realize that they are being used as pawns for Hamas?  When will they wake up to the fact that Hamas, which is a terrorist organization that cannot stand up to Israel militarily, is using civilians as shields and cameras as their primary weapons? 

I doubt they ever will because they have a leftist political agenda, one that is always filtered through this paradigm:

The party with more power is always the oppressor.  We must always take the side of the inferior party.

This is how leftists view the world.  This is why they hate America.  This is why they hate Israel, which they consider to be an American outpost in the Middle East.  But this is also why they tend to love Jews as individuals when they belong to a minority that may be perceived as oppressed.  No one is quicker on the draw than the left to cry “Anti-Semitism!” when a movie like The Passion of the Christ comes out (and Christians, the more powerful party in the West, are thereby seen as the oppressors of Jews).  But when Hamas rockets pound Israel the state, moral outrage waits to fix on civilian casualties that result from the Israeli response. 

Leftist moral outrage is really quite simple: be outraged at the more powerful party, and take the side of the weaker party one-hundred percent of the time.  No moral discernment is necessary.  The “structures” that gave rise to this situation are inherently immoral, and we are therefore always justified if we get on board with the one who has been victimized the most by these “structures.”  No matter what either party has done, we must always take the side of the less powerful.  Power is inherently immoral.

Is it any surprise that the sovereign, omnipotent God of the historic Christian faith finds very little hospitality from the left?


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