Global Warming Apocalyptic Messianism

According to at least one scientist, President Obama has four years to save the world.  Apparently, this scientist can pinpoint with precision the date when global warming will be too far gone to correct, and it just so happens that it coincides with the end of Obama’s first term.  Wow, aren’t we lucky that we elected someone who promised to slow the rise of the oceans just in the nick of time?

I think the biggest problem I have with global warming propaganda is that its view of man is way overestimated.  Neither Barack Obama nor any other mere human being has the power to change the earth’s climate, period.  He does, however, have some power to establish unwise policies in an attempt to change the climate that will intensify this economic disaster and increase the burden of energy costs on the poor.  You should have seen my heating bill last month, and this month (with its record low temperatures in the middle of this “warming” catastrophe!) it will be worse.  If President Obama bankrupts the coal industry, as he promised to do, then those heating bills will skyrocket, and the Democrats will have to exchange their poster child elderly widow who must choose between buying food or medicine for a new poster child elderly widow who can buy neither food nor medicine because the cost of heating her home took it all.  And I imagine they’ll figure out a way to blame Bush for that too.

Barack Obama is not the Messiah.  No, really, he’s not.  Prepare yourself for that disappointing reality.


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