My Thoughts on the Inauguration

– Rick Warren gave a great prayer.  President Obama made an excellent choice in him.  I realize that it was a political choice aimed to make evangelicals like me happy, but even knowing that I appreciate the fact that President Obama has exhibited a desire to reach out to people like me.  Warren’s prayer was distinctively Christian, biblical in content, and uncensored. 

– The string music was outstanding.  Aretha Franklin’s song and Elizabeth Alexander’s poem, not so much. 

– I felt bad for Obama when he had trouble with the oath; that was not his fault.  Chief Justice Roberts inverted the word order and threw the whole thing off.  (I can imagine Mrs. Roberts saying, “John, you had one job to do!”  after it was all over). 

– The President’s speech was very good.  I will probably oppose many of the fiscal and social policies of this administration, but if, as he said, he will take a hard stance against Islamic terror, and if he will promote personal responsibility over dependence on government, I will support him in these endeavors.

– The first family is a beautiful family.  It will be great to have children in the White House. 

– I felt the significance of the end of an era as President and Mrs. Bush boarded the helicopter and waved to the cameras one last time.  I am deeply grateful to our former President for keeping us safe, for standing firm on his convictions in spite of political pressure, and for leaving on the Supreme Court two amazing justices whose influence will endure far beyond his own.  I felt happy for Mr. and Mrs. Bush as they will be able to return to a quiet life in Texas, knowing the pressures of the spotlight will afflict them no longer, the cruelty of the uncivilized portion of the left will largely ignore them, and the biased media will follow suit.  They have endured enough, and it is time to retire.  I imagine they have many joyful year ahead of them. 

– After it was all over, I heard reports that some large segments of the crowd actually mocked President Bush when he came out for the ceremony.  The treatment of our 43rd President has been a disgrace, and all Americans should be ashamed of it.  I’m not saying everyone should have agreed with him on everything; I am saying that civility, fairness, and respect for those ordained by God to lead us should be the rule of our public discourse.  That has simply not been the case these past eight years.  Shame on us for that. 

– In light of the previous point, then, I here pledge my commitment not to do the same to President Obama.  I did not vote for him, but he is my President.  I will respect him, pray for him, and submit to his authority.  I will not oppose his good ideas or beneficial courses of action simply because they originate from his administration.  I will not eagerly hope for bad news in order to see his political capital spent.  I will not purchase anti-Obama T-shirts or bumper stickers.  I will not cruelly mock him.*  I will likely criticize many things he will do, but I will do so in a civil and respectful manner.  And I genuinely desire to see him succeed, for the sake of the country. 

– All in all, January 20th, 2009 was a great day for America.   

*Some of the things I have said about the messianic theme of the Obama administration is satirical in nature and could, therefore, be construed as mocking.  However, I don’t think anything I have said in this regard could be considered cruel, and my aim has been to expose the ridiculous messianic fervor of the Obama movement, which is much bigger than Obama himself.  To give an example: the woman who, at an Obama rally, said that because of Obama she wouldn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage is simply deluded.  That kind of naivete deserves to be mocked.


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