New Link: Moral Accountability

In office now for only two full days, President Obama has already issued an executive order that will cause more deaths.  He has repealed the Mexico City policy, a policy that prevented non-governmental organizations from receiving tax dollars if they provided or promoted abortions as part of a family planning method in other nations.  The bottom line is this: our federal tax dollars can (and likely will) now be used to pay for abortions overseas.  It only took about forty-eight hours in the White House to do this.  I tremble at what could be done in four years.  Increased government funding for research that destroys human embryos is sure to follow.  Piece by piece, I fear, this administration will lead us farther into a culture of death than we have ever been.  Let us pray for President Obama’s heart to change on this.

Of course, the mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything pertaining to Obama.  Anything that might be perceived as radical will be hidden from the public.  That is why I am thankful that several leading intelletcuals (including Robert George and Francis Beckwith) have started, a website that will bring to light every move that President Obama makes on issues of life and marriage.  All Americans who value human life from conception to natural death–and especially those who supported Obama–should not allow this administration to pursue a radical agenda under the cloak of darkness.  We were promised fewer abortions.  We were promised transparency.  Let us see if we will have them.  I will follow Moral Accountability very closely over the next four years. (HT: Justin Taylor)

Another good site that I am also adding to my blogroll is, a page dedicated to raising awareness and eliminating ignorance about what abortion is, how it is performed, and what have been the results of this barbaric practice.


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