Thomas Sowell on the Expansion of Government

Here is another great column from Thomas Sowell, this time on the way the government is using the current economic crisis as a means of expanding its own power. 

President Obama has (rightly or wrongly) criticized President Bush for using a threat to our national security as an excuse to expand the power of the executive and transgress the Constitution.  Could it be that Obama is using a threat to our economic well-being to do the same thing? 

The only urgent action we need from the government is that it should urgently cut taxes and urgently cut spending.  Other than that, we need to face the music and let the full extent of the pain come now.  The more bailouts we have and the more big government economic stimulus packages we pass, the more we drag ourselves into debt and the more we prolong this crisis.  Rip off the band-aid now, and just deal with the pain.  It will go away after a while.  That’s my economic philosophy.


One Response to “Thomas Sowell on the Expansion of Government”

  1. Marc Whitman Says:

    I’m not as voracious a reader as some, but I think Thomas Sowell is possibly the most insightful person alive. I’m reading his book, Basic Economics, and despite being about a “boring” topic, I’m find it to actually be quite a page turner. Of course, some of his other books are also quite good (The Quest for Cosmic Justice, Black Rednecks and White Liberals, to name a couple).

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