Would you buy a house without reading the contract?  Would you buy a car without reading the financing agreement?  Would you spend any significant amount of money without paying close attention to what exactly you were getting for it?

What if you were going to spend $789 billion?  Would it not be prudent to know exactly what that money was going to be used for?  Apparently not for the House of Representatives.  Speaker Pelosi decided it was more important to pass a bill quickly than it was to read what was in the bill.  No one in Congress had read the 1,000 page stimulus bill before it came up for a vote today.  It would not have been humanly possible to read it in the amount of time since it was released. 

So now not only do we have a travesty of a bill, complete with astronomical spending and a generous dose of earmarks and political payoffs, we have a bill that has been forced to a vote without one representative having been given the opportunity to read it in its entirety.  Is this an ethical and prudent way to run a government?  Does this tactic promote bipartisanship and allow for adequate discussion, debate, and critique?  Is this the kind of transparency that we, the American people, were promised by our government?  Given this kind of behavior, I cannot fathom why Nancy Pelosi has won such great respect from her party that they have made her Speaker of the House.

Rasmussen reports released a report today that said that 44% of voters would have more confidence in entrusting the government to random people from the phone book than they have in the current Congress.  That’s a big number for such a preposterous question.  And to make it worse, 20% of voters are undecided on that question, which is not exactly a ringing endorsement of Congress.  This Congress has the lowest approval rating in history, and today’s stunt shows that such a rating is well-deserved.


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