Learn the Lessons of History

One of the reasons I have remained unconvinced of the global warming disaster scenarios is that this latest global warming trend is only one more in a long line of failed doomsday predictions. 

As George Will documents, during the 1970’s the concern among many scientists was that the earth was cooling rapidly and was on the brink of a new ice age.  This claim was not only a false one, it is diametrically opposed to the one we are hearing today. 

So what shall we conclude?  No doubt there are many today who would argue that science has progressed so much that we should believe scientists now, recognizing that their inferior techniques and judgments misled them thirty years ago.  But the problem with that view is that the scientists back in the 1970’s would have said the same thing about those who preceded them, and thirty or forty years from now scientists will say the same about our current scientists.  Failed hypotheses, miscalculations, and changing paradigms define the field of science today.  We are constantly progressing, but as we do so we are constantly rethinking what we thought we knew before.  And the ones who come out looking like fools again and again and again, without exception, are the doomsday prophets.


One Response to “Learn the Lessons of History”

  1. Atreyoo Says:

    Yes, it is interesting what you say about scientists, and the logical problem. But what it is not a logical problem is that we are destroying more forests, and burning gas, etc. sooner or later we will have consequences.
    In my province, almost all our jungle was deforested, and now we barely have rains, the temperature raised too for that reason. I dont know what the logical problems are, or what conclusions you can take from different scientists; I have a real problem here. But if the people that own the big companies, like the US, think that it is all imaginary, and keep deforasting our forests, because you are not here, then we are the ones who suffer all the consequences.
    But not for that long, i am no scientists, but i can tell you, that the short impact is strong, i dont know how it will be the long impact.
    The big companies use all this “there is no such thing like global warming” just to destroy natural resources all over the world. Besides, i dont know global warming, but it is stupid to think that if we burn all our gas, destroy all our trees and contaminate all our water there will be no weather change. In matter of fact, if today we stop puliting, we still have to wait 1000 years for lead levels and CO2 to go down.

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