A Positive Sign

I don’t want to be a kind of mindless partisan that I have criticized in others, and in the spirit of fulfilling that goal I want to offer a word of support to President Obama after a recent string of expressions of my disappointment in his first month in office.  I agree wholeheartedly with the President that the federal deficit must be cut.  I am glad to hear him talking about this because I was afraid, after his support for an astronomical spending bill, he had thrown all spending caution to the wind.  At least talking about reducing the deficit is a positive sign that that may not be the case. 

No doubt, many will say that it sounds a bit hollow for a President to argue for cutting a budget deficit right after pushing through the largest spending bill in history.  And, we must not forget how many other Presidents have pledged to the same thing and have failed.  Maybe they are right.  But I say, let’s wait and see.  Bill Clinton balanced the budget.  We probably paid too high a price with the weakening of our military at the time, but at least we have one example of a recent President who actually came through on a major fiscal endeavor. 

I doubt that President Obama will be able to push through his ambitious plans and cut the deficit by half or more at the same time.  I hope the latter prevails over the former.


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