Is Google the Antichrist?

A few weeks ago I said to some of my friends that in the future, personal computers will become obsolete.  Eventually everyone will store all of their personal files on the internet and be able to access their own personal desktop from any internet terminal.  In that kind of world, if somebody steals your laptop, it’s really not a big deal.  You may lose the computer, but all of your files are still safe and accessible to you.  And as I said this a few weeks ago, I predicted that Google would be the company to make this happen.

It looks like it’s coming soon.  Gdrive may be here this year.  This is a revolutionary and exciting development.  I for one would be very happy to be able to access my personal desktop and files from any location, and for free!  But the one thing that concerns me about this idea is that Google will gain more access to our personal information.  I love Gmail, but I am slightly annoyed by the fact that Google scans my private correspondences in order to tailor its advertisements to me.  What are the possible ramifications of entrusting all of my personal files to them? 

Google is an amazing company.  It is innovative and forward-thinking.  It makes life easier in so many ways (have you heard of Google 411 yet?  Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411; it’s a free 411 service).  But could Google be so successful that it is quickly gaining too much power over our lives?  Is Google the Antichrist?


7 Responses to “Is Google the Antichrist?”

  1. Adam Phelan Says:

    If the recent posts on the blog are any indication, President Obama is the Antichrist.

  2. fenderpooh Says:

    He would be my other guess…


  3. Flavio Cuenca Says:

    I love google and i use it every day but so much power scares me. I think they just know tooo much.

  4. Lungfixer Says:

    If an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-encompassing entity like Google scares you…perhaps you should unplug your life. Do NOT use the internet for anything, EVER. No Facebook, no MySpace, no Twitter, no Email, no instant messaging…NOTHING!! Close your bank account (they ALL offer online access to your funds) and keep your money in your mattress, get rid of your cell phone (the NSA is listening anyway), dont use plastic for purchases (they’re tracking your spending habits), sell your car and ride a bicycle (cars have GPS tracking technology to track your EVERY move), dont watch TV (they’re sending you subliminal messages to make you buy products you dont need).

    Quit your job (your employer keeps ALL your information in their database), build a log cabin the mountains and live off the land…no electricity, no running water, no Satellite TV receiver that can be programmed from your PDA while you’re on vacation. Kill the forest creatures with a bow-and-arrow and skin them for clothing and meat, and grow your own vegetables. Build a solar shower for hot water bathing, and a smokehouse for your beef jerky.

    Or just succumb to the fact that you trade privacy for technology!! Perhaps Google will become SO big that the Federal Government will do to them what they did to the Bell Telephone monopoly in 1984.

    WAIT…1984!! OMG, that’s the same year as the title of George Orwell’s novel. It IS a conspiracy!!

  5. Kyle From Silverton Says:


    It’s all right that you can’t grasp spirituallity but don’t go shoving your bias views down others throats!

    It is a poor attempt at mocking the original poster of this article and you wind up looking like the fool who can’t handle it when someone has a revolution in their mind.

    Bye and may you find your peace someday.

  6. Mr Data Says:

    Subject: Private search engine

    My parents introduce me to *Start Page* while it may not bring instant results and it’s still largely in development adding new privacy features the site is looking very promising as it protects your identity thru a proxy and with the country heading down the old sewer pipe this is like a box full of gold or a light at the end of the tunnel……………………..that’s light is a train! 😮

    *Times the jump just right and lands on front of the locomotive like something out of a Hollywood Movie instead of being squished like a toad*

  7. Mr Data Says:

    Europe actually has more privacy invasion then the USA with cameras everywhere you go yet everyone walks by acting like drones oblivious to reality.

    I am feeling more and more as if people got kidnapped by aliens and replaced by drones that look like people but the soul and conscience parts rendered offline hence why you feel *awkward* around certain people.

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