Big News

It is now safe for me to make an announcement here, now that everyone who needs to have been told first has already been told. 

We are planning a move to Jackson, Tennessee, toward the end of July.  I have recently been hired to teach at Augustine School, a small, private Christian school that specializes in the classical model of education.  I will be teaching the sixth grade class, including a range of subjects: math, history/literature, grammar/rhetoric, science, Latin, and Bible/theology. 

So many things have fallen into place in order to make this possible, including my experience since August at Dorothy Sayers Classical School in Louisville.  Being there part-time has helped me get my feet wet in the world of classical Christian education, and it is a field that really excites me.  I am so thankful for good Christian people who are serving in our public schools right now (like my mother).  I value their service, but I also agree with a number of Christian leaders (like Albert Mohler) who have recently suggested that Christian parents should develop an exit strategy from the public schools.  Now that I have seen the quality of education that students in classical schools receive, and specifically their development of a biblical worldview in a school that is both classical and Christian, I realize how much I missed in my own public school education.  One of the added benefits of teaching at Augustine is that my children will be able to attend for free, and it would bring me great joy to provide them with the kind of opportunity I never had in that regard.  I am excited about joining the Augustine School family.  It seems like a special place (go to the website and watch the video; it is well done). 

The hardest part about this move will be leaving our church.  By the time we leave I will have been there for over five and a half years.  That’s not much in the big scheme of things, but for a church like this one, which is always seeing “seminary boys” come in and leave, it has been a long tenure.  And for my part the time I have spent as pastor of Corn Creek Baptist amounts to about 20% of my life.  I announced to the congregation yesterday our plans for the future, and I told them my desire is to work with them over the next few months to make a smooth transition to a new pastor.  I’m hoping we can call a pastor to work alongside me for a month or six weeks before I leave in order to establish some continuity with my present ministry.  And I hope that our new pastor will have gifts that surpass my own and will be able to reap abundant fruit in ways that I have not. 

In Jackson my wife and I will join Cornerstone Community Church, where my good friend Lee is a pastor.  I am looking forward to that as well, especially the possibilities for ministry in that context.  I have long believed that I could be more effective in ministry as part of a team, where I am enabled to play to my strengths and follow the established leadership of someone else.  It looks like CCC will be the place where that can happen. 

As for my education, I am working hard on my dissertation, which is now over fifty pages long (I anticipate a final product of 200-250 pages).  My plan is to have a first draft complete before we move.  I won’t be able to defend it, however, until the spring semester of 2010 (my supervisor has a sabbatical this fall).  So I will be able to put the finishing touches on it from Jackson, and I expect to graduate in May of 2010. 

Oh yes, and somewhere in the mix of all of this our second child will be born (due date is May 3rd, but I expect an April birth).  We are truly a blessed family. 

Life goes on, into ever new realms of possibility and excitement.


2 Responses to “Big News”

  1. Brandon Sandifer Says:

    Congrats! This opportunity sounds awesome!

  2. Ali Says:

    Yeah, good news. I admit, I’m suprised. I thought you’d be going into a Church somewhere as Sole/Associate Pastor, but this sounds exciting too.

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