The United States of China

I just read a troubling story from WorldNet Daily.  Apparently, a San Diego pastor and his wife have been ordered by a county official that if they want to continue holding Bible studies in their home, they will have to jump through a plethora of bureaucratic hoops.  What is happening to my country? 

Of all people, the ACLU should be all over this, telling the government to back off.  I hope they will take up this fight; it would certainly give them more credibility.  They claim that their purpose is to defend the Constitution, but I don’t know that I have ever heard of them doing anything but pushing a leftist idealogy, quite often one that tramples the Constitution.  In any case, this looks like a very significant court battle.  If we do not have the right to assemble freely in our own homes for the purpose of a religious gathering, what has become of the United States of America? 

If this kind of thing becomes a national trend, and the federal government adds its blessing, then I would definitely say it would be time for Texas to get out.  And then I would probably move back to Texas.


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