Children of Homosexual Couples: What Are the Long-Term Ramifications?

WorldNetDaily reports that a recent study indicates that children raised by homosexual parents are seven times more likely than other children to develop “non-heterosexual preferences.”  And yet, it appears that the pro-homosexual lobby is either unwilling to acknowledge this fact or wants it kept from the public.  I doubt very seriously that any mainstream news organization will pick up this story. 

This is truly ironic.  We have been told by the homosexual lobby for years that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a homosexual.  We have been told that it is a trait akin to skin color, one that society should accept as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.  If they were consistent with their own views, homosexual activists would warmly embrace this scientific finding.  Sure, it does seem to throw a little cold water on their theory that homosexuality is entirely a genetic issue, but other than that, what is the harm, given their worldview, in acknowledging that homosexual couples are more likely to rear homosexual children?  What is wrong with nurturing children in an environment where they are seven times more likely to opt for a non-heterosexual lifestyle?  The only way we can say that such a thing is harmful is if we privilege heterosexuality as the norm and label non-heterosexual lifestyles as deviant. 

And this is precisely where the rubber meets the road in our society.  I think there are a lot of people who think homosexuality is fine for their adult neighbors and friends, but the minute you bring children into the picture, everything changes.  I don’t mean, of course, that children are coming into the picture as sexually active children.  That would offend any sane person.  What I mean is that once people begin to imagine the children they know growing up to be gay or bisexual, and they believe that this result is attributable primarily to environmental factors associated with the rearing of these children, they will quickly have second thoughts about the wisdom of gay marriage and adoption.  No matter what they may say about the acceptable nature of homosexuality, deep down most people really do not want children being influenced in that direction.  When the innocence of a child enters the picture, the true deviant nature of the non-heterosexual lifestyle becomes plain, in spite of the public rhetoric.  And this is what the gay lobby fears the most. 

This scientific finding should come as no surprise.  Children develop a sense of morality, of inhibitions, of what is normal and abnormal, by watching and living with the most important people in their lives: their parents.  Children who grow up seeing homosexuality as normal will not share the same inhibitions, the same sense of normal, and even the same moral compass in general, as those reared in a traditional home.  We as a society should think long and hard about this before we proceed with these little alternative lifestyle experiments that we are so fond of trying these days.     

Disclaimer: Obviously, I am not saying that all children raised by homosexual parents are determined to be non-heterosexual or otherwise abnormal in any way.  I am speaking here of general tendencies, not rigid laws. 


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