The Liberal Moral Contradiction

Why do American liberals display vehement moral outrage when discussing matters related to their own country and then suddenly lose all capacity for moral intestinal fortitude when the subject turns to oppression of basic human rights in other nations?  Take the President’s recent embarrassing display of cowardice at an opportune time to offer support to the Iranian people who are fighting against oppression.  Just when they need us the most, we have a President who would rather continue to confer legitimacy on the mullahs than lend any moral support whatsoever to those who desire the same kind of freedom we enjoy here in America.

I have a hunch about why liberals live with this kind of contradiction.  I think they are prone to the sin of moral equivalence.  A liberal looks at what is happening in Iran and thinks, “You know, that may be terrible, but we’re not any better here in America.  We don’t have the right to say anything in this case.”  And so, by weighing America’s sins as equal to (or perhaps greater than) those of other nations, liberals think they have removed the capacity for America to have any positive influence on the rest of the world (unless it takes the form of “dialogue,” a non-threatening way of inviting bad people to change their ways without assuming in any way that we have the moral high ground).

Of course, I’m not saying America doesn’t have her sins.  We have plenty of them, and we are a nation in dire need of repentance.  But liberal moral equivalence is itself a sin, for it removes from us the capacity to make any distinctions between right and wrong, thereby leading us to make excuses for the worst kinds of atrocities.  Moral equivalence feeds into liberal naivete about the true depths of evil that exist in this world.

Twenty-two years ago President Reagan said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”  I can’t imagine our current President coming anywhere near such boldness.


One Response to “The Liberal Moral Contradiction”

  1. humanitasremedium Says:

    hit it on the head.

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