The Domestication of Scripture

I make no secret of the fact that I fall on the conservative side of the political spectrum.  I believe most of the tenets of political conservatism as it exists today arise from a biblical worldview.

But what happens when a political philosophy ascends to a position above Scripture itself and then functions as a grid through which Scripture may be read?  What happens when politics attempts to employ the Word of God to further its own agenda?  You end up with travesties like The Green Bible and The Patriot’s Bible.  The first leans left, and the other leans right, but both elevate a human political agenda above divine revelation, particularly above the central message of the Bible, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  (Go here and click on promotional video #2 to see blasphemy on display).

Both Bibles represent particular communities on the theological left and right that have subordinated Scripture to something else.  Both represent distorted theologies that fail to hear the gospel for what it is: God’s rejection of all human agendas in the exaltation of Christ crucified.  Environmental care and American patriotism are important subjects that must be informed by the truth of divine revelation.  But they are not the controlling frameworks within which Scripture should be read.

The fact that Christians from widely different theological and political perspectives can err in similar ways is indicative of the fact that we are all idolators at heart.  We all prefer our own agendas over God’s holy Word.  And sometimes we even bless and baptize our idolatry by using it to shrink wrap our new Bibles.


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