More Uncertainty

Adam met with his oncologist today.  Basically, the bottom line right now is that we do not know what exactly he is facing.  The oncologist is using Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) as his working diagnosis, but Adam’s symptoms are not typical for this form of cancer.  More tests are underway, and we expect to know more early next week.

AML is an aggressive form of cancer that typically requires aggressive chemotherapy treatment.  I am praying that it will turn out to be something else, something that will not require such a hard fight.  But whatever the case may be, I am commending my brother to the gracious care of the Lord.  Please keep praying with me.


One Response to “More Uncertainty”

  1. Kathy Says:

    It has been overwhelming to me how many people are praying for Adam.
    So many prayers have already been answered and I know that Adam will be healed. God sees the big picture in these and we only see the small part. As his Mom, it breaks my heart to see him go through the suffering, as it did Mary seeing her son on the cross. I’m not comparing Adam in any way to Jesus, but Mom’s just do not like to see there children suffer in any way. God will be glorified in this. Adam & Amanda are so strong. I thank God for them. I am so proud of them.

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