Good Analogy

One thing I love about Douglas Wilson is that he can always come up with a fitting (and usually humorous) analogy for any situation.  This is the most recent one that caught my attention, from his post on the health care debate:

The unfunded obligations of Medicare and Medicaid are about 50 trillion dollars, give or take 5 dollars or so. The economic liars who are pushing Obamacare want you to believe their lie that the future will not go the way the past has gone, and that government mismanagement of programs like these, and Social Security, are no indicator of future performance. Things will be lots better this time around. Having floundered and almost drowned in the kiddie pool, we are now going to swim to Hawaii. If you predict unfortunate results, this is no doubt the result of you being full of spite and malice. For humanity.

Now, lest you think incorrectly, Wilson is no partisan.  He has harsh words for Republicans too, and most of the time I agree with him on that.  Read the whole thing.


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