Do I Want President Obama to Fail?

In a word, yes.  Rush Limbaugh stirred up controversy by being the first to say so several months ago, but if you think about what he means, it makes perfect sense. 

Like Rush, I want President Obama to fail because President Obama is essentially a socialist.  His political theory is saturated in big government, lavish spending, high taxes, and the multiplication of entitlements.  Like he said to Joe the Plumber, he wants to “spread the wealth” around.  He is pushing hefty, unprecedented environmental regulations at a time when we are facing 10% unemployment and cannot afford to strangle businesses with more regulations (and it just so happens that in recent days the whole global warming theory has taken a massive credibility beating, yet the President remains undeterred in his desire to unilaterally save the world from carbon). 

I want President Obama’s health care plan to fail.  I want cap-and-trade to fail.  I want high taxes to fail.  I want big government stimulus packages to fail.  I want everything this President stands for to fail, because he stands for everything that is against the well-being and prosperity of our nation.  If his domestic agenda crashes to the ground and burns, then America will have succeeded, and my loyalty is to my country first, not to the man who happens to be leading it for these four years.

But there is one exception.  I want President Obama to succeed in Afghanistan and in Iraq.  He gave a good speech tonight.  This was one of those rare occasions when he talks about 9/11 and about the ongoing terrorist threat to our national security.  I hope and pray that his strategy works, that we pave the way for a secure and stable Afghanistan, that we put Al-Qaida and the Taliban on the run, and that we bring our boys home soon enough.  I don’t trust my President on anything related to domestic policy.  But listening to him speak tonight, I am giving him my trust and support on the objective of victory in Afghanistan.  I hope that if a politically divided country can find unity in nothing else, that perhaps we might be able to find some measure of unity in this.


One Response to “Do I Want President Obama to Fail?”

  1. Luke A. Says:

    Anyone with 1/2 oz of common sense and who isn’t playing “gotcha” games could have clearly seen what Rush meant.

    I agree with you 100%. “Populism” has no place in America (stupid FDR). I was horrified when reading a recent poll about healthcare where 57% of respondents thought that leveling a 5% tax on those making more than $250k was the best method for funding the legislation….legislation to provide NO services to those people being taxed.

    “You know, I mean, why not? If they have that much money, it should be taxed…” This was actually a comment made!

    Jefferson would have punched that guy in the face if he had heard something like that! What ever happend to “property” being one of man’s natural rights? Modern day liberals seem to have completely forgotten about this. Obama certainly doesn’t believe in an individual’s right to property…otherwise how else could he “spread the wealth around”.

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