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My prediction for health insurance in America

March 22, 2010

As a result of Obamacare, health insurance companies will be forced to raise premiums further because of excessive government regulation.  When they do raise premiums, thereby doing the exact opposite of what the healthcare bill was supposed to accomplish (lower costs), Democrats will blame the “greedy” health insurance industry and use their act of raising premiums as further justification for more government regulations.

Here’s how the vicious cycle works: government overreaches with regulations into the private sector; prices go up; government blames the private sector; government takes over more of the private sector; prices go up even more.

The end game is the stretching of the private sector to the breaking point.

Make no mistake about it: when your insurance premiums go up yet again, President Obama will be standing there pointing the finger at the insurance companies, when he is the one who is to blame.  His bill was supposed to fix this.  And he will use the rising premiums as an excuse for government to do more.  And on and on it will go until there is no private sector to speak of anymore.